At Engen, we've built our solid reputation as an employer of choice on five fundamental principles. We like to think of them as the pillars on which our company stands, and which serves as a solid foundation on which our employees are able to build the futures they desire.

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A Great Company

Engen is an Africa-based energy company with a focus on the downstream refined petroleum products market and related businesses. Engen’s vision is to be "A Progressive Energy and Solutions Partner Enriching Lives for a Sustainable Future." The company’s core functions are the refining of crude oil, marketing of our primary refined petroleum products and the provision of convenience services via our extensive retail network. Engen has a proud history dating back to 1881, when the Vacuum Oil Company set up office in Cape Town. This company eventually became part of the US-based Mobil Corporation. In 1989 Mobil disinvested, selling its SA interests to mining and industrial giant, Gencor. A year later the company was renamed Engen in order to reflect a new energy and spirit of entrepreneurship. In 1998, Engen became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS), the Malaysian national oil company. In 1999 PETRONAS sold 20% of its shareholding to Worldwide African Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd (now Phembani Group) in support of Engen's Black Economic Empowerment goals. In 2017 Engen sold a further 6% equity to a Phembani-led consortium. Engen is proud of the sound reputation it enjoys as a leading player in the South African and African energy industry. Our brand stands as a beacon of excellence, both for our many different clients and our diverse workforce. It's no coincidence that Engen, as an ethical, energy company, is recognised as a driver of Africa's economy, our clients' businesses, and our employees' career aspirations.

A Great Culture

Engen is a values-driven organisation, where Integrity, Ownership, Empowered, Teamwork and Performance are integral to everything we do. These aren't values that exist merely on a poster or on a piece of a paper; they live in the hearts of every Engen employee and drive the individual and group behaviours and attitudes of every member of the Engen team. Our values are the standards of excellence we strive to achieve as a successful business and a responsible corporate citizen. They are part of our difference and competitive advantage in the market-place.

Great Careers

A career at Engen is much more than just another nine-to-five job as the company offers a stimulating, challenging and rewarding environment where professional and personal development opportunities are considered. Engen is a future-focused organisation that is committed to the communities where we all live and work and to the diversity of people. We recognise that success - whether corporate, or individual - doesn't occur by accident. Rather, it requires planning, preparation, the right opportunities, and the freedom to act on them. Whether you're a vastly experienced professional of or a graduate just setting out, you should consider a career with Engen; a career where you will be challenged by the work and by the people on your team; a career where you will also be constantly learning and your ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork.

Great Leaders

In order for a company to achieve greatness, it requires leaders who can inspire, motivate, and lead from the front. Engen is fortunate to have many such leaders. Some are visionaries, others take a more hands-on approach, but all have one thing in common - the ability to truly lead an organisation into the future.

Great Rewards and Recognition

While earning a salary is undoubtedly the main reason anyone works, at Engen we recognise that there is more to job satisfaction than a monthly pay cheque. While the remuneration structures across our company compare very favourably with those earned elsewhere in our Petrochemical industry, the benefits of being an Engen employee run far deeper. As such, we continue to seek out opportunities to recognise and reward those who go beyond the call of duty.