Engen believes that sport goes far beyond the playing field. As well as promoting physical and mental well-being, and building self-esteem, sport and sports development play a vital role in nation building.

Our sponsorship activity continues to play a prominent role in contributing to our image and reputation in the marketplace. Activated sponsorship programmes focus on building the Engen Brand and delivering positive impact within the focus areas identified.

Our portfolio of sponsorship programmes seek to actively develop emotional brand association whilst also positively enhancing brand awareness. Being commercially focused, sponsorship activity attempts to influence brand loyalty and contribute to market share within the communities Engen operates in.

As a company, we believe that we can contribute to the development of tomorrow's stars through our investment in sport. That is why our sponsorship programme is underpinned by a three-tiered strategy, with one tier devoted entirely to development.

Engen adopts a multi-faceted sponsorship approach, which is primarily sport focussed. The areas of sponsorship investment are strategically aligned to business and brand objectives and are periodically reviewed for possible focus area adaptation.