An increasing number of major fleet operators across South Africa have adopted strong green practices. South African customers and the markets Engen serves are becoming increasingly serious about sustainability and products that are environmentally friendly. Engen is strategically positioned to provide solutions that match these changing market requirements.

One stop shop
As the only major oil company operating in South Africa to offer AdBlue®, Engen is the one-stop shop for fleet operators, privately owned vehicle owners including off-road equipment operators seeking a product that offers to lower emissions from the vehicles or the equipment used.

As a company, Engen believes it has an obligation towards bringing environmentally friendly products to the South African market. Engen AdBlue®, or Air1® which is the brand name it is known by, reduce the level of pollutants by up to 90% in the exhaust gases of vehicles. The product is also non-hazardous and safe.

AdBlue® is a natural fit to the Engen business and shares a common product platform with other Engen eco-line product offerings such as low-sulphur diesel and low-SAPS [sulphate ash, phosphorus and sulphur] lubricants.”

AdBlue®, (Air1®) is available at a number of Engen’s service stations, Engen truck stops and at select Engen reseller customers across South Africa. This gives local OEM’s the flexibility to introduce the latest technology vehicles into the South African market.

South Africans with vehicles using AdBlue® have peace of mind in sourcing an approved quality AdBlue® product from Engen that meets and satisfies ISO 22241.

While modern diesel vehicles fitted with SCR systems are an additional capital investment, fuel savings should cancel out this extra expense over time. Diesel consumption is approximately 3%-5% less depending on the type of engine and the work it does. The AdBlue® tank, which is normally fitted adjacent to the diesel tank, would typically require filling every time drivers refuel with diesel.

What is the Engen Customer promise?

  • 100% customer satisfaction

  • Access to a basket of eco-line products (low sulphur diesel; low-SAPS lubricants; and AdBlue)

  • Absolute quality assurance

  • Reliability of bulk deliveries to bulk dispensers/tanks

  • Top tier technology offering and dispensing equipment loaned to trade to provide on-site capability to dispense product without the risk of a spill

Blue is the new green
The introduction of AdBlue® into the Engen product portfolio is a major step forward in Engen’s ongoing environmental drive, demonstrating its commitment to a more sustainable future growth path.